Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds, 100 g

Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds, 100 g

Ingredients: pumpkin seeds, dark 70% chocolate

Pumpkin seeds "bathed" in dark 70% Belgian chocolate are a real healthy treat. They are proof that a seemingly lot of chocolate and delicious seeds can be a well-balanced dessert with a very pleasant taste and appearance.

In general, the obsession with healthy food often ends in extremes, so people think that you shouldn’t eat anything that tastes goods anymore or, what’s more, tastes great. But the truth is far from it.

Pumpkin seeds are the seed, and pumpkin oil is their essence. With the ripening of the pumpkin and the disappearance of the body, the seeds that form the basis for a new life remain. Everything that is needed for a new life is in the seed, that is, in its essence. They are flat, dark green in color, rich in protein and fat. When Dried and topped with chocolate they can be a healthy snack.

Chocolate in moderation is very beneficial for human health. It has a positive effect on mood and it is good for heart and sugar regulation. It contains numerous antioxidants, and is the healthiest with a high percentage of cocoa. Pumpkin seeds and healthy chocolate are an ideal combination for enjoying the natural flavors, which are very pleasant.