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    Organic food 4 you

    Today almost forgotten,
    organic food production is being rediscovered.

About Us

Our mission is healthy food production.

We produce food - not in a conventional way, but rather through natural, ecological cultivation for which we have learned to be more complicated, but also sustainable long-term. The difference that our products in comparison to those produced the conventional way is a motivation that might not be visible on the outside, but in the end differs a product without pesticides and heavy metals from the rest.

People are becoming more and more aware of the air, soil and water pollution in their environment. They quickly recognize the value of ecologically produced groceries. Nature made it possible for us to cultivate food, since we need it to live, so it might as well be healthy.

So, in 2011 my husband and I, after three years of planning invested our lives’ savings in starting OPG (family farm). We try to increase land area and cultivate as much land as possible every year. Our OPG has 12 acres of land in possession. In crop rotation we cultivate pumpkin, spelt and other cultures depending on the needs and season. Pumpkin and spelt are our primary cultures and we are relatively well technologically equipped for them – our own mechanization for soil cultivation, combine harvester, dryers, washing lines, cleaning, polishing, sorting, filling, packing and the rest, but it can always be better.

Although it seems that pumpkins are easy to grow, it's not like that at all, and especially not in the ecological production. The greatest challenge is to get rid of the weeds. In ecological production, we get rid of it exclusively the mechanical way. Basic fertilizing is done only by certified ecological fertilizers or manure from ecological farms, and it is well known that pumpkin loves “rich” humic soil.

Spelt has more modest requirements towards climatic and soil condition, as well as towards crop management. It is resistant to pests and diseases. Seed is protected with a several layers of flakes that protect it from external contamination, so it is therefore suitable for ecological production.

We produce and place on the market pumpkin oil, various shapes and sizes of pumpkin seeds’ and spelt products packaging. So, except for the raw seeds, we offer chocolate-covered seeds as a great healthy dessert. Pumpkin seeds spread (pesto) is made following the special recipe and is used in various dough meal preparation, rice, and simply spread on the bread. Spelt can be bought in grain form, ground or as spelt bran. We recommend our products to all those that want to eat healthy, know what they are eating and to, at the same time, have an insight that the food has been produce with a lot of positive energy in it.